Starting your journey as a parent with a happy, healthy child is such an incredible blessing and watching your little one grow and learn is wonderful. How about keeping them busy all the time? Now that can sometimes be a challenge, right, but it’s only normal.

These days, it’s so easy to just rely on digital devices to pass the time and keep your toddler entertained. But, if you’re a low-tech parent, you know this is probably not healthy or sustainable. Luckily, there’s the perfect product for parents like you!

Introducing KidzBox! The ideal entertainment box for little ones, whether you’re on the road, stuck in a waiting room before an appointment, or dining out. Now you can keep your kids busy and stimulated for longer, guilt-free.

KidzBox is not just any product that comes from some random factory overseas or unknown shop around the corner. Every product that you see for sale on this online store has been carefully created from scratch by adults who are affected by Cerebral Palsy. Our committed creators are involved with everything from the cutting and hammering to the gluing and sanding of these sturdy, practical boxes. They are compensated for each item they produce and later 5% of all the profits are also returned to the Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association (WCCPA) centre each month.

So, when you buy something special for your little ones (or a friend’s little one) from KidzBox, you help give these dedicated individuals purpose. For some it might seem like a small gesture, but it means a lot.

This is our most popular design, with reason! Now kids can take their lego wherever they go. Bonus: The BloxBox will fit under your car’s passenger seat. Now that’s easy entertainment and easy storage. Get BloxBox Mini or Maxi for ages 4+.

This is the perfect box for your just-too-young-for-lego little one. With a bunch of chalk and a  handy duster, the ChalkBox is so easy to use and bound to keep your kids amused. PLUS: Fits under passenger seats as well as larger handbags. 2+

Tidying up can be fun too! Show your kids how to fill up their practical and pretty WallBox with toys from the top. When they’re ready to play again they can simply open the bottom and the toys will come tumbling out. Great room décor and toy storage in one!

The loss of a loved one is hard to deal with for anyone, but for kids, its especially difficult. That is why we have designed the MemoryBox, and its just that. A box to fill with memories of their special person – photos, letters, little pieces of meaning.

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